We are proud

to present our 2020 CBSMF Scholar,

Charlie Cross!


Charlie first started swimming when he was eight years old and joined the Virginia Gators as a sophomore.  He coaches kids of all ages for the Hollymead Hammerheads as a part of the Jefferson Swim League.  Charlie is also a swim instructor for the Ben Hair Just Swim for Life Foundation that gives lessons to children in order to fulfill the mission of “Waterproofing Communities, Saving Lives”.

Charlie will attend Gettysburg College and plans on double majoring in Environmental Studies and Public Policy while also swimming for the Bullets.

June 2021-Charlie was a remote student for the Spring Semester of 2021.  He will be coaching this summer and returning to Gettysburg College full time this fall.

Charlie Cross


Charlie graduated from Albemarle High School in Charlottesville, Virginia.  He is a four-time varsity swimmer at AHS while also being a senior captain for the Patriots and his club team, the Virginia Gators.  In high school Charlie played violin for the school orchestra and was a member of the National Honor Society, County Student Advisory Council, Conservation Club, and Trashketball Club.